Kohr Brothers Frozen Custard

If you are like me, you rent a beach vacation home planning your days around the food you will eat on your vacation.  The unfortunate thing is you may be spending all your time in the pool, hot tub, paddle boarding, swimming in the ocean, or doing other sports that require you wear a bathing suit; something not capable of hiding a week of glut.  Enter the frozen custard…


Kohr Brothers bills itself as a treat that tastes like an ice cream with the calories of frozen yogurt.  I don’t know if frozen yogurt is necessarily “light”, but their custard is indeed less calorically dense than ice cream, and twice as yummy!  I am addicted to the peanut butter (it’s really peanut!), and the caramel and coffee flavors tie for a close second.  If you are a Philadelphian, like me, you will do well to order “jimmies” on your treat; the rest of you can ask for “sprinkles”.

When I was growing up, there were no Kohr Brothers in the Bethany Beach area; it was a treat reserved for rare visits to some Jersey shores.  What luck that we should have not one, but five, Kohrs opened in the area.  There are three franchises opened in Rehoboth Beach.  From your Bethany Beach vacation home, you can walk right onto the main street (Garfield Parkway) and grab a cone to take to the beach. From your Fenwick Island, Delaware beach vacation rental home, you can go to the location on the coastal highway for your treat.


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