Old fashioned butchers make a come back: Hickman’s Meat Market

Here’s my caveat for this blog: I am a vegan and the only kind of deli sandwich I eat is made with Tofurkey.  When I am packing food for a trip to a Delaware vacation home, I pack a few bags of chickpeas and pea protein. That being said, my entire family loves to eat real deli sandwiches and also likes to eat healthy.  Lucky for them, it is not impossible to do both at the same time.

Hickman’s Meat Market is located on Highway One in Rehoboth Beach, DE.  It is convenient to your vacation rental home in Rehoboth.  Or if you are renting a beach vacation home in Fenwick Island, you need to stop on your way down.


Brian Hickman is a 5th generation meat cutter, and the pride in his trade shows in their meats. The deli feels like a family store, and is willing to make special cuts of meats for its customers.  Come back a second or third time during your beach vacation in Delaware and they will probably remember your name.

And the meat is healthy.  Free of nitrates and preservatives, consumers are able to find cuts that they can feel good about ingesting.  And from what I hear, it is WAY yummier than that strange tofurkey I am eating.

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