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Funland in Rehoboth Beach is a great place to visit if you have young kids.  While staying at your Fenwick Island or Bethany Beach vacation rental homes, Rehoboth Beach is just a short drive north.  I grew up going here with all my cousins, and love taking my own kids now.  Funland is truly a gem of the Delaware beaches.  It is located on the boardwalk between Delaware and Brooklyn Avenues.  Five of the rides have been there since 1962, and are well maintained.  There are 14 rides geared towards younger kids, and 6 major rides for the thrill seekers.  During the summer season, the games open at 10am, rides at 1pm, and the haunted house at 6:30pm. 

The majority of Funland is covered, so it makes a good option for you on rainy beach days in Delaware.  Check the website for up to date weather information and any closing information.

A 50 ticket book is only $15.  Many of the rides for small children are only one ticket, so you really get your money’s worth there.  Tickets are also good for life, so if you overbuy, save them for next year.  There are 17 games of varying degrees of difficulty.  These mostly range in cost from $1-$2.  Whac-A-Mole will always remain my favorite!


New for 2017 is the SuperFlip360.  It’s one of those lift you up and flip you all around type of rides that could be fun.  I suppose.  I am not getting on there.  Nothing would ruin my Delaware beach vacation like the feeling I get after a few minutes on a ride like the SuperFlip360.

It is worth noting that parking at Rehoboth Beach is not easy.  It may be worth it to spend the late morning on the beach, eat lunch at one of the wonderful downtown restaurants, and then head to Funland.  And then maybe head out to the boardwalk for a dinner at Grottos and a dessert at Kohr’s.  Then waddle to your car and back to your pool and hot tub at your beach house. 


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