Packing for a day at the beach

Hooray!  The weather at your vacation rental home is cooperating and you are getting all set for a day at the beach in Bethany or Fenwick Island.  Here are some things you may want to bring:

Bathing suits!  Especially if your home does not have a swimming pool and this will be your chance to cool off.

sunblock – I recommend doing the lubing up at home; it can get sandy at the beach and those spray bottles can spray everyone around you

towels – not just for drying off.  Pack a few extras if you want to lay out and tan your backside.

drinks! – note that some beaches will have glass bottle or alcoholic drink restrictions.  Water is always the best for hydrating, but don’t be afraid to throw some lemon or cucumber in your water and “spa things up” a bit.

snacks! – because life is better when you are snacking.  If you have kids, put portion sizes in sandwich bags, so they don’t get sand in large bags of snacks.

umbrella – don’t go cheap when buying an umbrella.  Spend an extra $40 or so dollars and get an umbrella that can withstand the wind.

toys! – not just if you have kids.  a game of football or paddleball can be fun in the middle of the day.  If you do have kids, load up on cheap sandtoys and pack a huge shovel to help them dig tunnels and build huge castles.  Buckets are great for carrying water and collecting sand crabs and shells.

sunglasses and hats – prevent wrinkles, skin cancer and cataracts.

flip flops – the sand can get really hot just walking back in the afternoon.

a beach cart – because who can lug all that stuff back to your vacation rental home in Bethany or Fenwick Island.

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