DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum

While vacationing at your Fenwick Island vacation rental home or Bethany Beach vacation home, you may wish to get out and learn a bit about the ever-present ocean.  Located on Coastal Highway in Fenwick Island, the DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum hosts items found in shipwrecks and recovered artifacts. http://DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum

The museum displays about 10,000 items.  The other 80% of their collection travels at various other museums.  This means if you have visited last year, it’s time for a new visit to see what they have on display currently.  There are tons of coins found at shipwrecks, and other exciting artifacts from the ocean as well.

discover sea 

The museum opens 7 days in the summer months, and on the weekends in the off-season.  The museum also has a shop with coins and artifacts for sale.  This small museum is really a treasure unto itself and adds something exciting and convenient to do while you are staying at Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach, or Ocean City beach vacation rental homes.

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