Sunsets at Twinings Lobster Shanty

Growing up on the East Coast and frequenting Delaware beaches, I always associated the ocean with sunrises, rather than sunsets.  Ever an early riser, I don’t mind catching my share of sunrises, but once in a while it is nice to sleep in late at your beach vacation rental home and enjoy a sunset with your gang.  The beauty of Delaware beaches are that you can catch a sunset over the very nearby Delaware bay.

shanty sunset
sunset view

This gorgeous view is of a sunset from the Twinings Lobster Shanty.  Located just off Highway 54, the Lobster Shanty is easily accessible from your Bethany rental home or Fenwick Island rental home. Tthe Shanty is situated on a marsh and features wildlife throughout the day and beautiful sunsets at night.  In fact, you can ask for a pair of binoculars there to enjoy bird watching while you dine.  If you are looking for a sunset while in your Delaware rental home, this is a spot to check out.

the outdoor dining spot at the Lobster Shanty

Twinings is open 7 days a week, and features a happy hour from 3-6.  I’d like to say I have sampled the menu, but I really haven’t… I’m a die hard fan of the lobster roll and just can’t bear to venture to any other foods.  But my dining companions have always said the seafood there is absolutely fresh.  And the cocktails are inventive and delicious!

So anytime you are wanting to sleep in a bit on your vacation in your beach rental home, and want to see some gorgeous sunset views (while enjoying a cocktail or meal), Twinings Lobster Shanty is a great option.  Don’t forget a camera!!!

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